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We're back up to 21 members. I like this. I still don't know why we lost that member, and may never, but I'm not a happy loser, especially when I don't know why; because if you don't know why you lost, you can't fix what needs it. I'm a big believer in failure analysis, and have been since college. Back then, I read that Corning Glass's research lab did such unique things as Failure Analysis, on the premise that you are likely to learn more from analyzing your failures than from your successes. It has stood me in good stead over the years. For example, when I was doing blacksmithing for a living, I & my help put Nice Metalwork in 12 countries. We did real blacksmithing, not cold-bent-and-arc-welded stuff. We also worked in forgeable brass, copper, and bronze. I competed in Open Competition, and at my best, stood 9th in the world by 1/2 point from the guy who took 1st. There were 49 of the best blacksmiths in the world in the arena that year, and I was one of them. 9th by 1/2 point from 1st is hair-splitting, in my estimation, and I'm proud of having done that well. Failure Analysis was very helpful to me in getting there. After every competition, I would replay it in my mind; evaluate my work in the competition and pick it apart mercilessly, so I could invest more time and effort in what needed work, and just practice whatever I already did well, in order to not lose my edge there. Minority Micro-Business Development being dear to my heart, when someone leaves our group for whatever reason, I want to know why; so if it's something I did, I can - perhaps - not do it again. I've been up to 'there' recently in fund-raising activity for one of my micro-business projects. With luck, we will have something to discuss about that. Regardless, welcome to our new 21st member! Thank you for joining us!