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More Apple Gear To Come?

Tuesday's event was a great refresh of Apple's [NASDAQ:AAPL] music offerings, but left some Mac faithful a-wanting. Thankfully, the rumor mill is here to provide hope.

According to several analysts, Apple is planning another event for October 14th, which they're tentatively calling "Let's MacBook." It should bring to market a slew of new and updated laptops, including a new, aluminum-clad MacBook and new MacBook Pros, which are badly in need of a refresh. Analysts are also predicting a gutting of the MacBook Air, which will most likely feature a much bigger solid state hard drive than before, as well as Intel's new 45nm 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. 

There is also a persistent — albeit unlikely — rumor that Apple has something else coming: a MacBook Touch. While details are thin, there has indeed been a breadcrumb trail of rumors and found patent filings that seem to suggest that Apple is planning to scale up its beloved iPhone interface into something full-sized. Whether or not that will happen — or even whether or not it's a good idea — remains to be seen, but keep an eye out on October 14th. You may have to revise your holiday wish list.