The Top 10 Gadget Sites

Do you know the difference between iPhone and iPhone 3G? Or which media player supports which format? If your answer is yes, then only a site or two on our list may be new to you. But for the technically challenged rest of us, the list teaches us where to get a gadget-geek high.


Probably the most popular gadget blog on the Web, it has become the head of the class and excels at accessing leaked and exclusive images of unreleased gear or breaking news — just ignore the hundreds of other blog sites it promotes.


The first popular site devoted to gadgets on the Web is still one of the most read. Its founder eventually left the site to found Engadget. Like Engadget, Gizmodo thrives on rumors, reviews and leaks, but it features a fun and snarky tone whereas Engadget’s comes across as stoic professionalism.

The tag line for the site is Geek is Chic, and with that in mind GeekSugar focuses on delivering gadget-focused content to a female audience. Its obvious female-centric design isn’t over the top or cloying (I’m looking at you Shiny Shiny).

A venerable tech site, CNET has grown to become a reliable source of gadget previews and reviews. It includes comprehensive discussions offered in podcast or video format that are able to demonstrate whether a new phone is trash or treasure like no written review could.

While devoted to the Internet and Web services and applications, TechCrunch has become a destination for gadgets that are linked to the Web or can browse the Internet (which is increasingly everything).

For the Geek who likes a little of everything, here you’ll find video game news mixed with reviews about new gadgets and rumors about coming technologies. Visitors welcomed by the round-faced geek with the spinning beanie cap will smile.


You can’t talk gadgets without saying Apple. This site devoted to iPhone, iPods, and various Macs offers news, rumors and a destination for Steve Jobs’ game-changing keynotes.


After blogging took off, video soon followed. This Week in Tech has evolved into a full-featured Web video network with 13 other shows and the podcast, Radio Leo. So not only do you get the eponymous show featuring tech gurus Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, and John C. Dvorak, but you also get Jumping Monkeys, a show that talks about parenting in the digital age.


This video site is brought to you by magazine publisher Ziff-Davis and is devoted to computers and its related gear. The show’s hosts even take questions from readers and help them solve such daunting concerns as LAN set-ups and PC power-supplies.

From online video networks Revision 3, this weekly video show is all about modifying gadgets, upgrading tech, and other do-it-yourself projects. Who wouldn’t want to build their own android?

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