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RED Preparing a Pro DSLR

RED has already turned the movie industry upside-down with its high-quality, economical digital movie camera, beloved by Peter Jackson and other top-tier directors. Now the company appears to be taking on Canon [NYSE:CAJ] and Nikon [TYO:7731] with a so-called "DSLR replacement" camera that should be released by late '09. 

RED hasn't named the new still camera yet, so it's being termed the DSMC for now — digital stuff and motion camera. RED's top brass said it would out-do Nikon's D90, as well as a forthcoming 1080p DSLR that Canon supposedly has in the works (although the rumor mill hasn't heard much about that device as of this week). Having successfully out-maneuvered the big boys in the film industry, it would be unsurprising (and refreshing) to see start-up RED do the same thing in the still industry, where Canon and Nikon have had a virtual duopoly over professional-level equipment. The best part: it might drive down prices industry-wide.