Candidates for Hire

It’s been two weeks of partying for America’s biggest parties – the Democrats and Republicans. Now four candidates have officially submitted their resumes for the two highest offices in America.  Nearing the end of this very long interview process, only two of them will be able convince us – the decision-makers –  to select them for the jobs.

So let’s put all political opinions and special interests aside. 
We’re not businesses operating out of Hollywood or Capitol Hill so
we’re capable of keeping our presidential picks completely to
ourselves, right?

Let’s play out a hypothetical hiring in classic EntreQuest style –
honing in on a candidate’s personal attributes.  If you had to hire one
of the featured federal four to work on your sales team, who would you

They’ve pitched themselves as Senator Barack Obama – The Change
Agent, Senator John McCain – The Maverick, Governor Sarah Palin – The
Hockey Mom, and Senator Joe Biden – The Statesman.

You know enough about their past accolades and you’ve seen enough of
their current energy to cast your vote for your next salesperson. 
Who’s it going to be?