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Late last Friday, the world's most fecund tech company, Asus, [TPE:2357] announced it's latest gadget: a Windows Mobile phone. It's called the P552w, and sports a touchscreen interface, a respectable 624MHz processor, 3G radios, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 240x320 XVGA display. It's also got 256MB of flash memory, 128MB of DDR memory, and is expandable via microSD or SDHC cards. So far so good.

But Asus being Auss, they didn't stop at making yet another commodity Windows phone. They've customized the Windows UI with a skin they're calling "Gester," which uses pinches, flicks and other finger motions that look a lot like HTC's [TPE:2498] TouchFlo 3D.

The company also couldn't miss the opportunity to come up with a stupid name for an otherwise decent product: bundled with the phone are EziPhoto and EziMusic, which, as you can guess, are photo and music apps that are proprietary and baked in. Asus also claims the phone will have good Google integration. No word on price or availability in the US just yet.