People Are My Priority for BlogWorld 2008

Okay, as a speaker/writer/blogger type, I’m happy that I’ll be there gabbing and sharing opinions, but what I’m really looking forward to most at BlogWorld this year are the connections that the event will bring. Where else can I meet real estate bloggers, military bloggers, Godbloggers, and so many more varieties outside my world of tech and social media? How cool is it that Rick Calvert and the folks at Blog World Expo go out of their way to faciliate a much larger scope of conversation than what’s covered in most blogging events?

 I’m excited about the event. I’m thrilled that guys like Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker, and others are coming. I’m always happy to catch up with all the people I’ve met at other events, especially in a setting where we’re being exposed to new ideas to consider.

 It’s the people at this event, hands down. There’s lots of great content, and I’m sure the exhibition floor will be interesting. But without question, I’m looking forward to the attendees.


How about you?CB