Go Away – I am Busy!

The first week of school in any school district is a busy, chaotic time. It is also joyful. We have close to 40,000 students coming back to our 70+ schools and programs. This particular school opening week, Sept 2-5 of 2008, is historic. There are buildings to clean, over 2,000 bus routes to get right, meals to plan, classrooms to ready – all for the students.

Oh, and did I mention the epublican National Convention is in town too?
We have 158 separate bus routes affected by the event.

I knew in advance of this extremely busy week. With a new baby, just five
weeks old, I expected that I would not be home much. I was to be in
command at our emergency operations center at 6:15am each day, and be there
until the last bus route cleared and all children were home safe, typically
around 7-8pm each day.
When would I have time to support my wife and spend time with my child?
So, I sent them to stay with inlaws. This allowed me to work 24/7 if

I also don’t have my ‘at home’ support network and haven’t seen my family all week.

Should I have had them stay home?