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Dell's [NASDAQ:DELL] new netbook, the Mini Inspiron 9, is reportedly being sold with built-in mobile broadband service by European telecom provider Vodafone [NYSE:VOD]. The computer, which is aimed at entry-level and travel-intensive computer users, weighs 1 kilogram and has a 9-inch display, along with a solid state hard drive with capacites up to 16GB. While Vodafone won't say in which countries it plans on executing the resale, it is known that major European markets will be first on the list. No word on whether or not US provider Verizon [NYSE:VZ] will also engage in Mini 9 resale, thanks to Vodafone's recent collaboration with that company.

While there's no word on price or availability just yet, the Mini 9 sells for about $530 USD from Dell directly.