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Blog World 2008

It's fall again and while summer's valiantly trying to extend its tenure, pretty soon our shadows will get longer and our days shorter. For bloggers though, while posts about drinking outside, losing iPhones on the beach, and walks through Central Park might have to be curtailed, all is not lost; what is perhaps the year's most awaited event is just around the corner.

In case you've never heard of it, BlogWorld, the world's largest blog and new media conference takes place through September 20th-21st in Las Vegas – (not a bad town to convene for a weekend.) As the only industry-wide event that focuses on promoting blogging, Blog World is a big deal. Literally. Last year the conference claimed to have had an audience of 98 million.

Every blogger who's any blogger, and any company that wants to successfully carve a space online, can't afford to miss this. Apart from the opportunity to network and extend your online relationships offline, you can learn about strategies and new developments in the blogosphere from an impressive roster of 130+ speakers –- including the likes of Guy Kawasaki - MD Garage Technology Ventures, Elisa Camahort Page - the co-founder of BlogHer (and an amazing, impassioned speaker), Edelman's Steve Rubel, Chris Alden of Six Apart, and a whole lot more. You can also check out a wide variety of exhibitors on the Blog World Expo floor. 

There's also a pre-conference Citizen Journalism Workshop being held on September 19th — a journalism training certificate workshop for bloggers seeking to deepen and broaden their skills. This workshop focuses aims to equip bloggers with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve the quality, and impact of their blogs.

The full schedule of events can be found here and includes: events for executives like the myths and realities surrounding corporate blogging, and how to find your new media voice; and events for entrepreneurs like social media strategies to generate traffic, and how to hire a professional blogger for your business.

Even better… You can sign up to be considered as an expert blogger for Fast Company. Just look for our booth at BlogWorld – we'll have a sign up sheet - or shoot me a message on the site.

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