Oops and Ouch! and We Don’t Know Why

Hanh mitakuyapi. Hello my relatives.
I got a notice from Fast Company that they removed one of our group’s members “for activity deemed inappropriate to the group and/or Fast Company”. That’s the whole notice.
While I, at least, appreciate that Fast Company checks to see that illegal activities aren’t going on on the site, I also want to know when one of our number is suddenly whisked off-site. The reason given is seriously lacking in details, and that always makes me uncomfortable. I’m a big believer in free speech & in the concept that free speech someone doesn’t like is best combatted by more free speech.
Until or unless Fast Company tells us why they removed one of our members, we’re back to 20, which is still a good number. But just between thee and me and the gatepost, I’m going to be distinctly uncomfortable about the ‘why’ of the removal for some time to come. I thought you ought to know about this. Mitakuye oiasin.CTE