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It is important to keep track of existing clients and hope they will continue using your products/services because they are your main revenue stream. Remember to keep them coming back to you! But How?

First of all, your products/services need to maintain its quality. If quality of service cannot be maintained, it is not likely that you will get more business out of existing clients.

Second of all, marketing. Not everybody pay attention to upgrades or new releases. You need to send new information to clients and keep them updated of your most recent releases or activities. I wouldn't know if Microsoft released Vista if they don't advertise or market it.

However, you have a thousands of clients and how do you manage to keep everybody updated or even remember what services you provided them with?

Thats where CRM come into place. I believe CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not a strange term to most business owners. Small and large business make use of CRM software to monitor the status of their leads and current clients. So...what can CRM do for you?

CRM software can help you to send out notification/newsletter emails to your clients and it can also sort and classify incoming emails and put them into corresponding client's profile. 

You can also sort your clients by what products/services they are provided with, industries...etc. Most importantly, CRM can record all interaction between your sales and clients. Therefore, even if your sales suddenly decided to quit, the fill-in guy can know exactly where to pick up from, no more guessing!

Oh and have I mentioned that customers can directly interact with your sales team through CRM so their problems will be handled effiently and solved quickly?

If you are planning to start your business or just simply want to improve your current client management method, give CRM a try and you won't regret it.


Dickson Poon

I.T. Engineer
Cyberhood Systems Incorporated