Fifty somethings still have something to contribute

Yes we can, yes we do have something to contribute to life, our communities, our employers, and our families and not necessarily in that order.  Do what you want to do, make a difference by working where you want to work and doing what you were made for.  The fifty somethings wisdom, and yes technical expertise is very useful to the right company.   If your company is only hiring twenty or thirty somethings, then you are missing the boat, my friend.  Let’s have a diversified work force both in race and age, so that we can have the very best work force going.   Make a difference by finding the perfect fit…..

If I can help you then please write to me at or find me out on through a google search.  If I cannot help you then I know hundreds who can at  Contact us, we are waiting for you, so that we can make a difference in a positive way. 

Gary Bethune