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For those of us who are in love with ultra-thin electronics, Logitech [NASDAQ:LOGI] has heeded our call. It's releasing three keyboards this week, one of which is only 9.3mm thick. Priced at $80 and set to come to market in October, the Illuminated Keyboard sports an adjustable backlight and media hot-keys, as well as a soft palm-rest. And while most aftermarket keyboards aren't exactly lookers, the Illuminated Keyboard features a subtle black enclosure, few showy markings, and a very sober, digital-looking key font.

Logitech is also releasing a new wireless DiNovo keyboard for laptops, also due out in October and set to retail for $100. The coolest thing about the DiNovo: a promised 3-year battery life. There's also a cordless desktop keyboard on the way called the S520, which should be available later this month for $60, and will come with an optical mouse. Both of those will place high priority on power management too, getting 15 and 8 months per battery, respectively.