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Welcome to my first post. I am so excited for the opportunity to engage in a conversation with people who are innovative and entrepreneurial in helping their businesses and their communities to be stronger and more vibrant.

Never before in history have we seen such a confluence of business and social interests. From the search for renewable energy, to those seeking to ensure a quality education for all children in America, to efforts to find fiscally responsible solutions to America’s housing crisis, we see business and social leaders coming together to tackle the most challenging and important issues of our times. In Fast Company’s current issue, Robert Safian, Editor, says, "We are committed to highlighting innovative businesses and inspiring businesspeople who conceive and execute creative solutions to complex problems."

For over 15 years, I’ve been training and placing young professionals and seasoned executives on nonprofit boards of directors, coaching them into leadership roles, and helping nonprofits adapt to a changing landscape to achieve new and greater ambitions. I have seen powerful results achieved by talented people who determine that they will help the community or the world in some particular way.

In reading through the current issue of Fast Company, it struck me how many articles are about people who are passionate about the environment, education, healthcare, nature, and the arts, and who enthusiastically engage in teams to find solutions. September’s copy features companies and leaders that make the food supply cleaner, greener, and healthier in "Good Enough to Eat;" an activist promoting affordable sustainable energy in "Power Play;" Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences home for flora and fauna; the determination and innovation of the "Iron Chancellor" of Washington DC’s schools; Clorox and the environment; and Timberland and corporate responsibility.

I will use my blog to share stories about people and companies that are applying creative, leading-edge approaches to solve community and global challenges, while developing themselves, and advancing their business interests too.

Now is the perfect time to think about your role, and your company’s role, in your community. I hope this blog becomes your center for ideas, information, and inspiration.