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It may be true that processors are not the most exciting doohickeys in the consumer electronics world, but when AMD [NYSE:AMD] does anything, it's time to pay a little attention. That's because the processor world is home to one of the most unequal playing fields in the tech industry; with Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] head and shoulders above AMD and VIA [TPE:2388], any move by the underdogs bolsters hopes for a little more competition in the space.

Such is the case with a new rumor out of AMD: a few different blogs are reporting that sources have told them the company's "Kuma" chips' release may be imminent. The Kuma is the next generation of the Phenom processor, and will sport dual-core architecture, akin to Intel's Core 2 Duo chips.

The new Phenoms will range from 1.9 to 2.3GHz, with 1MB level 2 cache and 2MB on level 3. There's also reportedly a "Black Edition" Phenom 8750 on the way, running at 2.4GHz, as well as 125-watt 9950 chips on the way as well. No word on how these will stack up to Intel's competing chips, but with any luck, they'll give the processor giant a run for it's money; that, of course, would benefit consumers.