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Epson [TYO:6724] added to its line of consumer-oriented Moviemate projectors this week with a new model it's calling the 55. First and foremost, the 55 boasts a slot-loading DVD player integrated inside the projector's enclosure, and also has a pair of stereo speakers in case your home theatre setup consists of solely a blank wall and a power outlet.

The 55 also boasts some great specs, including a three-chip LCD system for ultra-high image quality, as well as a new lamp that can produce up to 1200 lumens of brightness. And while it's not HD — in fact, Epson doesn't specify the resolution beyond saying that its 480p — the company does say that it can produce the 16:9 aspect ratio and create a 60-inch image from a distance of only 6 feet. The best part: it only costs $700, a veritable steal in the world of projectors, and weighs a scant eight pounds. Epson says it will be available in October.