I am a little morbid. I often wonder what my funeral would be like. Who would come and what would they say? But it wasn’t until recently that I thought about what I WANT them to say. What type of person do I want to be remembered as? What legacy and reputation do I want to leave behind?


You know I am a big proponent of ‘Mapping’ so I thought it would be a great idea to write what type of person we want to be remembered as then work backwards. We should write our eulogy…no…our ‘YOU’logy! Hahahaha…I am so funny!

Anyhoo, Think about it. What speech do you want given at your funeral? What accomplishments, memories, character traits? Whatever it is we want, we should acknowledge it, write it then live it! Simple, huh?

I JUST thought about writing my ‘YOU’logy, so I am just as new to it as you are… Here is mine:

Paula Yee Sing-Edwards was a burst of positive energy. She brought joy and laughter with her vibe to many. She was an inspiration to the youth she worked closely with and her Foundation will continue to assist those in need.

She has started several successful organizations as a result of her out -of -the box thinking and has left an indelible mark as an entrepreneur, a wife, a friend, daughter, sister…a citizen of this earth. She has written several inspiring books that will continue to touch lives.

Her strength of character, academic achievements and entrepreneurial success are inspirations to many in this generation and the next.

There it is. As you can see, I have a lot to accomplish, so I gotta go! Not gonna get all this done sitting around here. What will your ‘YOU’logy read?



Paula Yee Sing-Edwards