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I love to read. I read books about networking, building positive self and business images; about the Laws of Attraction and the power of positive thinking…the "SECRET". Literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars have been spent by me to fill my mind with words of wisdom from DVD-creating, book-signing, keynote speaking, Masters-bearing, PhD-titled authors. Companies have paid billions to train staff in customer service, branding and motivation. According to Johns Hopkins Institute of Policy Studies; Federal Government paid between $3.2 billion and $5.3 billion in 2002 on job training. States spent another $500 million to $700 million and Businesses spent considerably more on training than the federal and state governments combined – between $8 and $17 billion.

While showering the other day I was reflecting on these things and thought: I could have been making millions off Grandma!!!! The things Grandma tried to ingrain in me while growing up are exactly what I am paying thousands to study and companies are paying billions to teach… I can see it now…"Grandma’s Secret to Networking and Customer Service".Think about it. Didn’t your Grandma teach you to sit up straight, speak properly, dress well, smile, avoid confrontation, think positively?.... Isn’t that the basis of the teachings of our favorite motivational speakers and business gurus? My Grandma surely taught me those rules. She was strict about it too…Diddy can’t hold a candle to her boot camp (Hmmm…  "I Want To Work For Grandma"?…VH1 Holla!).

Why didn’t I think of archiving all her wonderfully wise words? As I read more and more about networking, the art of conversation, first impressions, body language and customer service, the more of grandma’s words I recall. Review these translations of Grandma’s words and tell me what you think! 

GRANDMA:  Always smile so you don’t look grumpy
TEXT BOOK: Always smile


GRANDMA: Say "good morning" when you meet someone
TEXT BOOK: Greet customers as they enter the office, store…


GRANDMA: Don’t forget to thank the persons who invited you to the party
TEXT BOOK: Always thank your host at the end of an event


GRANDMA:  Stop ‘dwelling’ on the negative
TEXT BOOK: Think positive and you will attract good


GRANDMA:  Mind the company you keep- Birds of a feather…
TEXT BOOK: Your success is the average of your 5 closest friends


GRANDMA:  Say hi! Say hi to the pretty lady…(in baby voice)
TEXT BOOK: Network, network, network- Be a great conversation starter.


GRANDMA:  Speak properly
TEXT BOOK: Communication is key


GRANDMA:  Sit up; don’t slouch
TEXT BOOK: Posture and body language are important factors in networking

 GRANDMA:  Always wear clean underwear!
TEXT BOOK: Proper attire is important in making a good impression


Ok…the last one was definitely put there for a chuckle, BUT IT IS TRUE!

Next time you read a book or sit through a seminar on customer service and networking, remember where you heard it first… from Grandma, the guru!

Hope you enjoyed reading this sure was fun writing it!  


Paula Yee Sing-Edwards