AT&T Announces “Geek Squad” Competitor

You may have heard of Geek Squad, Best Buy’s [NYSE:BBY] tech assistance company that will dispatch nerds with large brains to your home to solve your technical woes. Well, AT&T [NYSE:ATT] wants to get a piece of the market with a new in-home service called ConnecTech, which will have its experts at the ready to fix more or less any home electronics problems you can throw at them.

Not ones for staged rollouts, apparently, AT&T is launching the service in all 50 states, and the company says that all requests for service can be ordered and viewed on their new ConnecTech website. There will also be a phone-help option, too, in case your problem doesn’t warrant an in-home visit.

So how are the prices? The ConnecTech website quotes computer and network intallations at $100, computer and all computer-related in-home help at $180, home theater support at $150, and phone help starting at $70. Pretty steep, considering you probably have a nephew with glasses who will do this stuff for free, but it’s good to know you have an option that you can call in a pinch, seven days a week.