21 & Climbing!

Hanh mitakuyapi.  Hello my relatives.

  We’re at 21 members now.  The winning number in blackjack..  An excellent number in the Tarot, & we with a vested interest in minority micro-business development definitely should relate to Arcanum XX1 – “The World”.

  For those of you who don’t know diddly about the Tarot – Arcanum XXI, The World, is depicted by a beautiful woman, dancing on the world, but is also taken to be dancing on either the head of a pin or the edge of an abyss.  She has all the possibilities available to her, but she challenges herself by where she dances & the dance she does, which is not at all restrained.  Sounds awfully familiar to me.. but then we Eagle People dance on the edge of the abyss all the time.  Ever see the mating dance of eagles?  Not for the faint of heart.  A lot like being a minority in micro-business.

  Welcome to everyone!  Keep dancing..  Like nobody’s watching, as the saying goes.  oh-hanh!