50 Years of Progress

How does Generation Y look at the world? Um, you will probably be surprised, especially if you are an employer, an educator, or an entrepreneur.

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to share a podium with Mark Bao, a 16-year-old high school student entrepreneur who has already developed and sold three Facebook applications. There are 50 years of history between us.

The dialogue was extraordinary, and not by design. When I asked him the question about what he expected to do with his life, he never even mentioned a job. I had to explain to him what was meant by a job back in the day: an alarm going off at 6 AM, a shower, a commute to a building with cubicles…He couldn’t even conceptualize it.

And if you look at the conversation, you wil also see that school is also useless to him in any of the conventional ways. He’s not getting information from school: he’s waiting through high school to get to college to make connections.:-) What does that tell you?

I’m honored to have met him, and my faith in entrepreneurship for the future generations is only strengthened by him. If you are even thinking about your future, I suggest you watch the video.