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Bose Intro's Yet Another iPod Dock

If ever there were a saturated market, it might be the ubiquitous iPod dock: the speaker-with-charging station device that everyone and their mother has on their kitchen counter. Not happy with this level of market permeation, Bose has revised their SoundDock speaker/dock system, now calling it the SoundDock Series II, in the hopes of snagging some iPhone 3G owners.

The new version has a more streamlined look, and resembles its smaller cousin, the SoundDock Portable. It features an auxiliary input, and of course, a charging station for an iPod and iPhone (including the new 3G). The new SoundDock also has advanced remote browsing for playlists, also ala the SoundDock Portable. It will cost $300 when it arrives in September, just in time for you to push aside the three iPod docks you already own and make room for the new guy.

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