Immersive Marketing: Challenge Your Audience

Marketing events must challenge your audience. Sounds strange, right? Does that mean you should schedule a push-up contest at your next promotion? To that the answer is a resounding ‘it depends.’

Recent studies from our scholarly brethren in the realm of academia point out that in order to maximize your influence over consumer behavior events must provide a high level of challenge that is matched with appropriate level of skill by the consumer.

True experiential marketing occurs when a consumer is immersed in the experience and there is a resulting ‘state of flow’ between the stimulus and the consumer.

Know your audience. A push-up contest at the local DAR gala may cause angst and bewilderment among its well-dressed, well-bred attendees. But an Army sponsored push-up contest for area football teams would get more heated than two-a-days in August.

The more emotionally, rationally, and physically engaging the experience, the more meaningful and memorable it will be to consumers. Immerse your audience by challenging them in appropriate and relevant ways.

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