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While spy shots and info about the BlackBerry Kickstart have been leaking out of RIM [NASDAQ:RIMM] for a while, this week online retailer Expansys made a mistake on its website that fills in many of the remaining details of the phone.

The site revealed two new quad-band Kickstarts, the 8210 and the 8220. The phones are twin clamshell devices with 2.6-inch screens sporting 240x320 resolution and a familiar Pearl-like trackball in the center of the keypad. They also borrow the SureType keyboard from the Pearl, and sport a disappointing 2MP camera and other predictable specs: a microSD card slot, built-in GPS, and for the 8220, WiFi. No price or date of availability was leaked, but we should be seeing this thing soon, if the specificity of the leaks is any indication.