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As someone with an Apple [NASDAQ:APPL] iPhone 3G, this blogger can explain exactly what all the fuss is about this week: crashing third-party apps. In short, when you download and app, it works fine for a few weeks, then begins an annoying habit of occasionally quitting immidiately upon opening. The new iPhone software update — version 2.0.2 — doesn't do a thing to remedy the problem, which has customers up in arms. 

Steve Jobs has taken the problem into his own hands: not the software bug, but the customer service onus. He reportedly has responded to at least one consumer complaint personally via email, telling the iPhone user that "this is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September." 

If you're experiencing the same problem, be warned that re-installing the app is only sometimes a solution. Often, the bug fixes itself without reinstalls, allowing you to go upon your merry way after a few shut-downs and power-ups of the phone. Rest assured, however, that it should only be a few more weeks before you get your Genius phone running at full capacity once again.