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The Internet Age dawned about a decade ago, and still American Airlines [NYSE:AMR] is the first of the major airline carriers to finally get on-board Wifi. Sure, it's pitifully late — bus services like Bolt and MegaBus have had wireless internet for a while now — but also a welcome addition to all of their long-haul Boeing [NYSE:BA] 767 flights. 

The service is being called GoGo, and it's provided by Aircell, which is owned by Trilogy Communications. Aircell will charge passengers $13 a pop for web access, which seems absurdly (yet unsurprisingly) expensive. Perhaps fortunately, there will be no VOIP (voice over IP) functionality available, so you won't be forced to listen to any college kids talking to their sweethearts back home over Skype for four hours.

No word on whether the other major airlines plan to respond in kind.