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A Glimpse of Our Future?

I came across two very different sources of fortune-telling this week. The first was the Border Governors’ Conference (BGC), held at Universal Studios in Hollywood and focused on building a green economy (check it out at Ten state governors from Mexico and the US spent two days talking about how clean energy, energy efficiency, and reducing pollution (including greenhouse gas pollution) was creating sustainable jobs in their communities and giving them a competitive edge in the global economy. I attended my first BGC five years ago and let me tell you, there was none of this on the agenda back then. Amazing what a revolution is taking place - - technologically, economically, and politically.

There was a cleantech expo at the BGC and part of the story was the array of clean fuel cars, energy-saving devices, renewable energy and recycling technologies that were helping the environment and making a lot of people very rich. But the untold part of the story was that the organizers sold out the booth space months ago and turned away hundreds of other cleantech companies that wanted to show their products/services - - testimony to the fact that cleantech is now the mainstream and fossil fueled inefficiency is fast becoming the "alternative".

The other glimpse into the future - - well, MAYBE - - was in a thought-provoking op-ed by my pal James Pinkerton in the Huffington Post. Now I’m not forecasting anything regarding Governor Schwarzenegger (or my own future!), but the idea of creating a meaningful center of gravity in Washington for rapid implementation of the cleantech revolution is compelling. Glimpse into Jim’s crystal ball yourself at

There’s at least one thing these two glimpses into the future have in common - - the technology and political power are both on the right track in commerce and communities. Now if we could just get someone in Washington DC to listen!