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Here at, we run across a lot of innovative software and technology, so much so that you can become jaded if you aren’t careful. So when I come across a new piece of technology that I think is really timely, cool and awesome, I definitely want to spread the word. Kluster is one such product.

Simply put, Kluster allows for intelligent brainstorming and decision-making in a straight forward manner that is agile and fun.  Brainstorming has always been an important part of business and in an ecomony like this, a good brainstorming session could be the difference between Chapter 11 and making the 2008 Inc. 5000 (yes, I’m not above a shameless plug). The problem with brainstorming has often been how to glean the very best idea out of the session and execute it properly. Kluster makes that possible, but big time.

With Kluster, you can create a campaign (which is just another word for session), classify and invite participants, add the campaign’s focus (i.e. money saving ideas, new marketing angle, where to have the Christmas party, and etc.), and set the rating criteria for incoming ideas. After participants submit ideas, authorized users will rate ideas and submissions based on the criteria. This means ideas are submitted by people you trust be creative and savvy and then are graded by those you trust to know a good idea when they see it. The online functionality means ideas can be exchanged between team members across the globe.

The part that really blows me away is the backend. After all the submitting and grading is done, you as the campaign creator can sort through the ideas and suggestions using the set criteria and participant’s role as a guide. This is the part of this application that makes it truly worthwhile.

Given the state of the economy, an application like this can be used to generate sales, marketing and technology ideas that can really help companies find the hidden gems that lie within its own organization. I really recommend that you give it a try at Take it for a test run and let me know what you think. I think you’ll agree with me.