100% Present

The easy stuff is hard.

Today marks my first week back at work after two weeks paternity leave.  Day one, not so bad.  My boss reminded me that a great way to balance work and home is to be “100% present” wherever I am.

This  “100% present” concept was a great approach on Monday.  I didn’t miss my 16-day old daughter much at all and was thrilled to be back at the office.  Day two, not so much.  The reality of disrupted sleep cycles, the joyous responsibility of parenthood and a very tired wife caught up to me quite fast.

The beginning of the week was spent in District-wide (all organization) meetings and ended with a 1½-day senior leadership retreat to firm up strategic plans for the coming school year.  We spent Thursday afternoon discussing our individual and collective team struggles with work/life balance.  Family or no, we all have a paradox in trying to be at work and outside of work.  Learning takes a lot of effort!


Any leader whose job it is to get results, not just sit in meetings or defer decisions all day, requires a high level of commitment and physical, emotional and psychological energy.

Ability to re-energize

Without a way to recharge physically, emotionally and psychologically, a stressed out, ineffective and unproductive ‘you’ is all that is left.


Spending time with my daughter (even when she is just asleep in my arms), walks with my wife, reading, driving…even catching an episode of The Deadliest Catch.  All help me recharge so I can bring my best self to work and home: 100% present.

What do you do to ensure you can give all you have, and not completely run down?  How do you keep 100% present at work and home?