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If you're not privvy to the latest iPhone dirt, here's the scoop: users and reviewers worldwide are complaining about the phone's 3G reception, saying it's slower than it should be, that they're experiencing dropped calls, and that the new iPhone is connecting to EDGE even when 3G is available. 

As we reported yesterday, one analyst has come forward announcing he believes he's found the problem: an immature chipset made by a company called Infineon that is incorporated into the iPhone's radio. He suggested that the problem is probably fixable without a costly and disastrous recall, and new rumors out of Cupertino are confirming that Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] is indeed working on a software fix as we speak.

This little scandal has come on the heels of some cusotmers' complaints that Apple's TV ads, which depict the iPhone 3G loading web pages on its Safari browser at lightning speed, are in fact misleading. It doesn't look like Apple will suffer from any false advertising lawsuits anytime soon, but the users' complaints are justified; I never get the instant-loading that Apple shows off on TV when I fire up Safari on my iPhone 3G, and it's frustrating to know that other 3G phones can get those kinds of speeds.