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Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] has been keeping the specs for its new USB 3.0 controllers close to the vest, causing a whole consortium of companies like AMD [NYSE:AMD] and NVIDIA [NASDAQ:NVDA] to cry foul. Those companies have created a league of their own to develop a competing interface in protest, but now it seems their protest wil be for naught: Intel is releasing the controller specs for USB 3.0, also know as the Extensible Host Controller Interface, or xHCI, revision .9.

If you're not snoring yet, you're probably interested in knowing that xHCI will be made available under a royalty-free license to anyone who signs a contributor agreement. No word what will happen to NVIDIA et al, and their plan for a competing interface. The group had accused Intel of withholding crucial specs in order to gain a market advantage over competitors.