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Psystar ventured to do the impossible: sell generic Macintosh clones preinstalled with Apple's [NASDAQ:AAPL] Mac OS X operating system, without Apple's blessing. It's not usually a good idea to cross Apple's team of attack-dog IP lawyers, and sure enough, the Cupertino computer giant has sued small Florida-based Psystar.

But despite the lawsuit, Psystar continues to goad Apple by publicly announcing that their Mac clones — called "Open Computers" — are "definitely still shipping." The company is also playin' it cool by making some good customer service moves, like extending free OS X Leopard restore discs to their existing customers. Perhaps they have a lot of confidence in their lawyers: Carr & Ferrell, the famous Silicon Valley firm that has won cases against both Apple and Microsoft.

Apple's lawsuit claims Psystar infringed on the copyright agreement bundled with OS X 10.5 by installing it on non-Apple hardware.