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Fund-Raising Idea

Hanh mitakuyapi. Hello my relatives. I was listening to NPR a couple of mornings ago and heard a story about a man challenging the incumbent for State Representative in one of the other U.S. states. He was having a hard time financially. Some knowledgeable person told him that the prevailing wisdom was, it takes $25,000 to be successful there. Our erstwhile challenger - who is apparently something of a web wizard - created a comic strip using stick figures and put this information on it. The strip included a bearded 'professor figure' stating that "raising $25,000 is simple. You just need to find 50 people who will donate $500 each." Our challenger said, "Gee.. I might know TWO such people.." He then figured out that if 3,000 people donated $8.33 each to his campaign, he would have the money he needed, and he put that in the cartoon strip; then posted the whole thing online somewhere. (I'm still trying to find out where, because I believe 'location' or 'accessability' is important to this concept.) The first weekend his strip was on the Web, he got so many hits, his server crashed! He fixed whatever needed it and reposted, and raised $96,000 in less than a week ( !! ) I've been trying to raise a few thousand $$ to get my company up & running - instead of up & toddling - for several years. I take no salary and work outside jobs for my survival. It's very difficult and unbelievably wearing; especially since I'm single and for whatever reason, haven't found any suitable potential helpers, no matter how I've searched. The fact that I am generally judged to be The Most Stubborn person on the planet is all that keeps me going some days. Like most minority people - especially us females - it's an uphill slog against the wind in a blizzard no matter which direction you go. We are privy to all manner of truly idiotic bigotry - race, gender, and age - no matter how we slice / dice it, it's a study in dedicated stupidity in the majority culture. We're too young, in the child-bearing years, too old, female, the wrong color, the wrong spirituality / religion.. You name it, I've heard it and so have the rest of us. Gentlemen, I love you dearly; I was raised in large part by 11 wonderful men. But you don't get nearly the flack that women do in this matter of business, management ability, and funding. Hope you appreciate your good luck!, especially in this supposed Age of Enlightenment. Regardless - I mean to try this man's approach to fund-raising, and with some of the money, not only re-establish the business; but use some of the money to support the NPO I also head so it can do its job better. It has always had a huge fund-raising problem. Once the for-profit is making a profit, a portion of its profits will be dedicated to supporting the NPO, thus completing a circle that can only generate good for all concerned. The implications are far-reaching and vast. Anyone having any thoughts on any of this is most welcome to put them out.... Specifics of how to do it come to my mind first....