Virgin Business

After some time off, some vacation, and with an amazingly cute new born baby daughter, I’m back online. During this off-time and especially on my last trip to Europe, I’ve read a few books – some were very interesting while others were boring to death. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you about the latter. Among the great ones was the autobiography of Sir Richard Branson (click on the link for more details and reviews). I bought the hard copy version at the airport thinking that it will be a good air traveling book, meaning, funny and with no real reason to activate any gray cells.

Boy, was I wrong.

The book is indeed very funny and smart, but it also brings invaluable insights as of how to do business out of passion and against all of the regular, conservative business assumptions. It’s a book that shows that you can and should bring your own character into your business, and that a hunch is sometimes worth much more than complicated numbers analysis. It also shows you that sometimes you will be wrong and that it is not only ok, but that you can seriously grow out of these mistakes.
I won’t be a spoiler so I’ll just write that if you are an entrepreneur, either in practice or at heart, and you seek real-life experience inspiration, which is written from the heart, you must grab a copy of this book now.

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