iPhone 3G Having Reception Woes

Users all over the world have been reporting a curious flaw in their new iPhone 3Gs: the Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] handset apparently doesn’t get quite the 3G speeds it should, in comparison to other 3G phones. Speculations are rampant, but an analyst with Nomura Securities named Richard Windsor thinks he might have uncovered the problem. An underperforming chipset, he says, could be to blame. In his own words: “we believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and
radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G

For its part, AT&T has released a statement saying that the speed problems aren’t their fault, and the problems have been confirmed by numerous customers and experts alike. The problems with the Infineon chips aren’t likely to be recall-worthy, but will definitely require a solution — whether a firmware update, software tweak or eventual replacement in future versions of the iPhone 3G.CD