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Lenovo [OTC:LNVGY] is releasing their first mobile phone, and apparently the company has seen fit to add a little perk heretofore unheard of in mobile handsets: a biometric fingerprint scanner. The P960, as they're calling it, makes use of scanning technology from privately-held Atrua Technologies, based out of Campbell, California, and will prevent anyone from taking a look at your phone's records (that is, without the presence of your index finger.) That's not the only oddball security feature; the phone also sports something called a "VIP recording" feature that will automatically record all calls from pre-designated numbers. 

It's a safe guess that this handset is oriented at the enterprise crowd, who may or may not need to gain leverage on their coworkers by recording their every conversation. In case you're wondering, this doesn't violate any privacy laws; most states stipulate that for a recording to be legally executed, only one of the two or more participants in the conversation must consent to the recording. So if you're that blackmailing Lenovo-owner, you're in the clear — except, of course, for the blackmailing.