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In my mind, already, China has botched these Olympics. Word has come out that two different aspects of the elaborate opening ceremony were faked. Some of the fireworks seen on the televised ceremony were computer generated. And the Telegraph has reported that a girl singing in the ceremony was only lip-synching to another girl's voice. The little girl who actually sung the pre-recorded song was deemed "not cute enough."

Atop this fakery, are the big-picture grievances. They are green-washing the whole thing and not truly cleaning up Beijing's pollution problem. Building walls to hide poor housing? Not a very welcoming act. Then there is the Chinese censorship of the Internet and monitoring reporters' actions in the country. Should the host country of the Olympics act like they deserve it? Honor the distinction of being chosen? I wonder what other deceptions will be revealed during the course of the Olympics.

China has a problem with authenticity. The Chinese government is more concerned with appearances than with substance. And, in my opinion, that is not the way to act as a leader — and isn't this Olympics China's chance to be a world-leader?