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RIM [NASDAQ:RIMM] is capitalizing on the BlackBerry's increasing popularity by cranking out new models Asus-style. Next up is apparently the BlackBerry Javelin, a non-3G smartphone that seems to be a value-proposition model for the wanna-be Crackberry set. According to some leaked marketing materials, the Javelin will feature a 512MHz processor, 256MB of onboard Flash memory and a hot-swappable microSD card slot below the back cover. Like the Bold, it will sport a 460x360 HVGA+ screen, WiFi, GPS, and a 3.2MP camera in the back (with a flash). 

Interestingly, the leaked materials point to the screen as having "Integrated lens/LCD technology," without further explanation. Does this mean there's a camera lens behind the LCD? Because that would be cool. Except that you can't video conference on a phone without 3G connectivity. Not so cool. 

The Javelin is slated for release next year, but no pricepoint information yet.