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If you get anxious making decisions, this Hitachi cam [NYSE:HIT] might be the camcorder for you. It has a remarkable three ways of recording HD video: onto a Blu-ray disc, on to a high capacity SD card, or onto its internal 30GB hard drive. It's called — you might want to get a pen — the DZ-BD10HA, and it sports full HD recording at 1920x1080. For still pictures, it sports a 7-MP CMOS sensor, and one-touch dubbing from HDD or SDHC to Blu-ray. There's also some technology baked in that will let you do in-camera editing, and transfer HD recordings to reguarl ole DVDs. The camera also sports face recognition and image stabilization. All that for $1000 when it's available in the US next month. 

It's always been unclear to me why anyone would want to burn video directly to Blu-ray (or DVD, for that matter) when it's easier and more effective to transfer the video to a computer, do some editing, and burn from there (are there people with DVD/Blu-ray cameras that don't have computers? I doubt it...). But with this three-way recording cam, I'm less confused: three separate ways to record doesn't just mean a lot of choices, but three times the amount of recording time of a traditional one- or two-media camera. Of course, it's doubtful the battery would last anywhere near long enough to full the HDD, the SD card and the Blu-ray disc, but it's still terrific that the capacity is there.