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Yes, you know it's a slow tech news day when we're discussing... firmware. But the Olympics are on, so why are you online anyway? No TV? Okay, well then I'll continue.

D-Link [TPE:2332] has been making a concerted effort to get more humble power usage out of its routers and other devices, and today it announced some new firmware to that end. To be featured in their "green" products — an ethernet switch, and two routers — the new firmware is freely downloadable for current owners of the devices. Interestingly, the company isn't merely making a tip of its hat to the green movement, for marketing sake; they're actually boasting some serious power savings. According to the company, between 30-40%, depending on the device. If every tech company took cues from D-Link, we'd be a massively more efficient community of gear-heads. Kudos, D-Link.