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Those wiley nerds at the Boy Genius Report are pretty confident that the Blackberry Thunder — RIM's [NASDAQ:RIMM] full-screen answer to an unnamable touchscreen uber-success made by a certain Californian company — is slated to be launched on Verizon's network come October 13th. This according to a Verizon employee-tipster, who is showing the Thunder in the company's upcoming inventory as the 9530.

Rumors of the Thunder have gone back and forth between "this thing is a disaster" and "everything is coming along smoothly." What we know for sure, if not its usability, is a good chunk of its functionality. Localized haptic feedback is the big news, as well as a flexible screen that supposedly mimics the feel of a real button when it's pressed. We've also seen screenshots of the keyboard layout, which is SureType when in portrait mode and full QWERTY when the phone is in landscape mode. Here's to an October launch, so the iPhone finally has some worthy competition (sorry, Sprint Instinct).