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About a million-and-one Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] patents are uncovered every year by ambitious fanboys, but few ever bear the fruit of products that actually come to market. Nevertheless, a lot can be said of Apple patent-scanning, because it gives consumers at least a general idea of what kind of activities are bubbling about in ole Steve-O's brain. The latest patent uncovered, however, looks mightly likely to materialize, based on existing rumors.

The filing covers IP related to wirelessly syncing — over far distances, not just WiFi range — iPod and iTunes data and connectivity, as well as connectivity between iPods (ala Zune). If the blogosphere is reading the diagrams right (and since when is the blogosphere ever wrong?), then this could mean that future iPods and other devices might be able to stream music from a home iTunes library, or allow others access to that same library. Sort of like Slingbox for music. Very cool, if it comes to pass.