Don’t Get Lost in China Without This Number

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a clever way to write about this technology, but the bottom line is this service is far more buzzworthy than whatever story I can wrap around it. Just in time for the Beijing Olympics, web telephony company JAJAH just launched an automated English to Chinese/Chinese to English call-in translator. Here’s how it works. You call in, you speak English, and it automatically translates it back to you in Mandarin. If you speak Mandarin, it translates it to English. All you have to do is hand the phone to the person you’re trying to talk to, or turn on the speakerphone, and it’s like having a live translator with you. I asked JAJAH to provide me with a demo number for my readers and all I can say is try it. I’ve been showing it to my friends and everyone has been floored.

FREE DEMO U.S. – +1.718.513.2969

JAJAH will also have local Chinese dial-in numbers for travelers. They’re calling the service JAJAH.Babel and Trevor Healy, their CEO, asked me to mention that is was developed with help from IBM.

My apologies for being at a loss for words, but sometimes the Buzz just speaks for itself.

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