Comedy Is Not Pretty

Funny or Die


Biggest hit: The Landlord. Will Ferrell gets shaken down by a foulmouthed toddler.
Views: 57.8 million
Advertisers: Chevy Malibu, Pontiac Vibe


Biggest hit: Powerthirst 2. Parody of energy-drink ads
Views: 5 million*
Advertisers: Trojan, Ford

Super Deluxe

Biggest hit: The Professor Brothers: Bible History #1. Brad Neely tells the Sodom and Gomorrah story.
Views: 1.6 million
Advertisers: Jack Link’s beef jerky, Spike TV, the U.S. Navy

Sony Crackle

Biggest hit: Mr. Deity and the Evil. God (left), as a typical Hollywood mogul, goes over his rules with his mewling assistant.
Views: 2.8 million
Advertisers: Sony

This Just In

Biggest hit: David Blaine Street Magic 2. A spoof of impossible-to-believe illusions
Views: 10 million
Advertisers: N/A

Note: *on CollegeHumor and YouTube