Africa Technology and Investment Digest 6


Google Invests in Kenya’s Mobile Planet
This week Google made the announcement that it is making a minority stake investment into Kenyan mobile operating company Mobile Planet…

Google Begins to Offer Localized Contient for Africa
Google begins to take a very proactive role in the African internet market…

Two Worlds And One Sea Apart
Osama bin Laden’s brother wants to build ‘Twin Cities of Light’ and a bridge that would connect Africa to the Middle East by bridging the Red Sea.

University Programs for ICT In Emerging Markets?
Since I began my research and subsequent move to Uganda, I’ve found a vast disparity in the amount of higher education available in the area of information technology as it relates to developing countries, NGOs, non-profits or developmental institutions. It think the implicit need for focus in this area is high as the discipline is essentially the same but the practice of IT changes significantly when ‘in the field’ or in low power areas.

The One Sided Narrative on Africa

How Datanet Serves Premium Internet to East Africa
“Since I assume Datanet prices are public knowledge, I’ll post them here. For a 92-100kbps connection the price is approximately $400 per month, a 192kbps connection is $700 and the FangFang connection that offers speeds of up to 256kps is $900/mo! Coming from the US, I have to admit I’m spoiled on the internet and 256kbps is pretty ’slow’. 92kps is like standing still considering it’s not even twice as fast as dial-up (56kbps)! The installation fee for these fast connections is also high, just under one thousand dollars!”

PowerPoint Presentation on Social Media in Africa and Developing Countries

Slides from my presentation at TEDC in Kampala, Uganda.