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HP [NYSE:HPQ] recently released their touch-operable all-in-one computer, the Touchsmart PC, to a good deal of fanfare from customers and reviewers alike. According to the Wall Street Journal, HP is apparently aiming to bring their touch technology to the mobile market next. The article quotes HP reps as saying they'd like "to get touch-enabled notebook computers on the market within the next 18 months." Granted, making a touch notebook is quite a different task from a touch desktop, which benefits from larger screen size, and a solidly planted base (imaging touch-operating a 13-inch screen notebook as the screen wavers with every finger poke... not an ideal user solution.) Nevertheless, there's a good chance that if HP did it right one time, they can do it another.

Of course, HP isn't the only company working on the touch solution. Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT] is well known to be toiling away on their own multi-touch software, and it can't be long before Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] ports aspects of the wildly successful interface of the touch-operated iPhone to the desktop and notebook realm in some incarnation or another. Also in the running are touch-less options like Toshiba's Qosimo notebook software, which reads hand gestures instead of tactile actions. However HP chooses to bring its touch technology to market, you can bet it will be one in a field of many viable contenders.