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Raise your hand if public transportation is not available along your commute.

Maybe you live really far from your office or maybe you live AND work in the suburbs... not so shocking. Or maybe public transportation is available and the thought of taking the bus to work makes you cringe. It is of growing awareness that some people's standards argue that comfortable sterile air-conditioned car rides are the only way to get to and from work. Since this IS the United States of America and people CAN make their own decisions about the way they WANT to get to work and back home again... there is luckily a comfortable alternative to transportation out there. It's nothing new.

It's called car-pooling. It's what you used to do back when you needed a DD to get to the bar and back, for cub scout field trips, family camping voyages, vacations, etc. That, of course, was when driving to your vacation five states away was less expensive than flying. Anyway, today, this service is being organized on a much larger scale. Check out these sites that offer searches for carpools along your route. You can also start your own pool so others can join in later. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, you will be saving mucho dinero (a lot of money, for the non-Spanish speakers) on gas. And who knows, you might make a friend or two as well.


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