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Sharp Announces Budget HDTVs

The prices of LCD TVs are marching downward as electronics prices are apt to do, and now Sharp [TYO:6753] is helping push things along with three new value-oriented sets. The 1080p LCDs will come in 52, 46 and 42-inch incarnations, and will feature a respectable 6-millisecond response time, built-in tuner and an auto-adjusting brightness feature that accounts for your living room's ambient light. Okay, so nothing to write home about, but the prices are decent: $2300, $1700 and $1400 respectively. Street prices will likely be considerably lower, but for a relatively high-end brand like Sharp to have HDTVs in this price range is a pretty good sign of things (eg, prices) to come. All three will come sharply dressed in a thin piano-black gloss bezel and an a rearward-facing gray speaker panel on the bottom. While most LCDs these days are getting dolled up with thick showy bezels, it's nice to see Sharp going with the minimalist, ultra-thin bezel; reminiscent of the gorgeous old Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] Titanium PowerBooks. 

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