Work/Life: Travel Gets ‘Lively’

The reality of travel as we know it is changing faster than that guy in the red cape could leap tall buildings in a single bound.

In other words, fast.

As Mike Elgan writes in his Computerworld blog, the Superman in this scenario is Google. Like the mild-mannered reporter ducking into a phone booth, Google is making itself known in ways that seem unlikely (at first) to affect business users, including us business travelers.

But then those Google initiatives, such as the 3D virtual world called Lively, suddenly do. As Elgan points out, few thought that social networking would have an impact on business, but guess what? It did.

As business travelers increasingly turn to telecommuting from home or audio conferencing from there or the office, virtual worlds like Lively are likely to loom large.

Check out what Elgan has to say about technology that may change the way you travel, virtually:

The World Is My Office – Why Google’s ‘Lively’ is great for telecommuters” by Mike Elgan.

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